Wednesday, 6 July 2011

2011 BMW 5 Series Saloon

The brand name BMW has always brought forth the image of quality and luxury. Everything from their sedans to their race cars have maintained an element of grace and beauty that is hard to match in the auto industry. BMW was founded in 1916 and is the parent company of Rolls Royce. The company has enjoyed a long history of automotive development and continues to keep its place on the cutting edge of technology.

Nothing epitomizes this better then the BMW 5 series. The 5 series has been in production since the mid 70's and fills the category of mid size executive car. Currently the series is entering its sixth generation with new advancements in technology and materials. Currently it is sold in sedan and touring car models.

The series has done so well that many European nations use cars in this class as police cars and government vehicles. Make no mistake the cars not only look nice but their performance matches their appeal. Add to the fact that they are durable and very comfortable and you have a winning combination. All of these features justify the price tag that is asked for each and every model.

Of course this has been true of the early models as well. With each update in the series the cars in the lineup have received overhauls, upgrades, modifications, and redesigns to make them more appealing. Add to the mix that BMW is constantly upgrading its engine lineup to be more powerful yet more fuel efficient at the same time and you have a very reliable series.

Another statistic that's constantly under revision between series upgrades is the size of the vehicles themselves. Sometimes adding half an inch here and two inches here can make all the difference in a car. This applies to all cars not just luxury or sports models. BMW has taken this into consideration, especially since its cars are so readily available to so many.

People of different ethnic backgrounds usually have different body proportions as well. That being said the constant upgrade and redesign of the size and the interior is designed to be a one size fits all. This is for the short and skinny to the tall and rotund. Safety is another feature that's constantly upgraded and the 2011 series is no slouch in this area either.

Aerodynamics are reworked with each generation to give newer models a sleeker and more modern appearance. This of course affects more than just appearance and increases the handling of the cars themselves. It can also improve fuel economy as better aerodynamics means less resistance to the car which equals less work for the engine to do. This is something that every car manufacture tries to accomplish but BMW manages to outperform the rest as usual.

BMW's 5 series is one of the most prominent car lineups in the world. As they begin to bring in the six series cars many car fans can't help but be overtaken with a feeling of glee. After all inside every man or woman that admires cars is a driver that wants to get behind the wheel and see what it can do.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

The BMW E60 M5 Is The God Of All Cars?

If there was ever a King of cars the BMW M5 would have to be it. Just recently, production ended on the E60 M5 series with just over 20,000 cars produced. This is even more cars than the prior generation of God like autos made by BMW, which was technically known as the E 39 M5.

The E60 M5 is equipped with one of the most amazing engines ever put into a production car-a 10 cylinder 507 hp monster capable of gobbling up road, gasoline and your credit limit faster than you just read this sentence. What is sad about the end of the E60 M5 production run, is that it brings to an end the last of the BMW M cars' naturally aspirated performance engines.

The new engines are a smaller block, which are twin turbocharged 4.4 L V8's rumored to be pumping out somewhere around 560 hp and 530 foot-pounds of mind bending concrete crushing torque.

Regardless of which car you purchase, or dream of purchasing-none of the BMW M5' are your typical grocery -- getters. These are really best described as rabies infected, insane wolves in the proverbial, conservative, German sheep's clothing.

The E60 M5 will remain as one of the most technologically advanced cars ever produced by BMW with features like individual throttle bodies for their V10 S 82 engine-which delivers knife edge sharp throttle response at the flick of your right foot.

Unleashing this car in P 500 sport mode is something you have to experience to understand. But don't expect to buy this car and feel good about your carbon footprint, because with two fuel pumps on tap and something like 11 miles to the gallon average fuel economy you will no doubt be public enemy number one for the green mafia.

But people don't buy these cars to feel good about how much gas they put in, or how many times they have to replace the rear tires -- they want to be able to have the practicality of a beautiful, conservative, classy four-door sedan and world beating supercar performance in one vehicle.

The design of the E60 M5 has been much maligned by the public and automotive journalists. Chris Bangle was the chief designer for BMW and the Mini group for many years, during which of course the E60 was marketed. Many people call the design "Bangled" and you either really love it or you hate it. However with near 4 second 0 to 60 times blowing your mind, somehow the look of the car becomes less important if it was initially off-putting for you.

Although we have already talked about it, the power plant is inspired from BMWs now defunct association with the BMW McLaren F1 race team. It was a relationship built on technical precision and wringing every possible bit of horsepower out of current and technically advanced engine physics.

Is the BMW E60 M5 the ultimate sports sedan? That depends on how you see this fourth-generation of M5 automobile Yes it is the most powerful car that you can buy in the BMW series of automobiles and compared to the prior generation you are looking at close to a 30% gain in power-and let's not forget that this engine has surpassed that ethereal barrier of 100 hp per liter, which is synonymous with that of present day racecars.

Let's also not forget about an all leather interior and some of the most sophisticated onboard electronics and technology to keep even the most discriminating automobile enthusiasts happy. I'm talking about things like the M.'s specific heads up display active side bolsters and adaptive headlights technology.

All in, the E60 M5 is and always will be a God of all cars.

A BMW M5 owner and enthusiast, Brooks shows people how to intelligently buy and maintain the BMW E60 M5. His Video Guide has saved people thousands of dollars showing them what to look for when buying the E60 M5 so they enjoy the best possible ownership experience.

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