Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A 3-Series Or 5-Series?

It seems almost impossible to do a rational comparison when you're deciding on which car to get for your next ride based on the topic above. I mean, how can you possibly compare a sporty BMW 3-series to a luxury (yet sporty too) 5-series, right?

But then again, there is actually only a tiny gap between the 3 and the 5.

Simply put, the 3-series is geared towards providing the owner a more sporty driving experience while the 5-series is more focused towards comfort and luxury. But yet when it comes to decision time, one can never decide almost instantly which model to get although the differences are quite obvious.

So what does the 3-series have that the 5 doesn't?

Well, for starters it's the sportiness that the 3 exudes that no other BMW models can match. It has always been that way since day one. The 3-series has always been labeled as a performance and adrenalin pumping machine. Doesn't matter if the car came with a 1.6-liter engine or loaded with the awesome 3.2-liter inline 6, it still managed to capture the hearts of both the young and old.

No other sedan could ever come close to the sportiness displayed by the BMW 3-series. It was the car which earned the title "The Ultimate Sports Sedan" by many automobile magazines. And it still carries that title proudly until today.

But what about the 5-series, and how does it fare against its younger sibling?

To say that the 5-series is "inferior" and not as popular as the 3-series would be a total lie because it is in a league of its own.

The 5 never really had the looks compared to its younger sibling but that all changed when BMW launched the E90 5-series. It's shark-like appearance and smooth muscular body lines simply "killed" the 3-series. Courtesy of Chris Bangle, the E90 caused a wave of mixed responses world-wide with its controversial yet strikingly aggressive appearance.

But looks wasn't everything. The 5-series also had the power to go with it. As "bulky" as it may seem, but it surprised many by delivering power that was almost at par, if not even better than the 3-series.

While the 3-series was sporty and fast, the 5-series feels much more planted to the ground and gave a more solid ride. There really isn't a "which-is-a-better car" thingy here because each one of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can't even say that the 3-series would sell better and have a better resale value as it is the most popular model in the BMW stable because sales for the 5-series have even surpassed the 3-series in recent years in some countries.

However, if you really must ask me, I would have to say I'd choose the 3-series, but then only by a hair's breadth. Personally, I've developed a soft spot for the 3-series since its hey days, and the beauty of it has somehow remained deeply rooted in my heart until today.

However bear in mind that no matter which model you choose to get, you'll never go wrong with a BMW. It possesses beauty, power and charisma all over. And it's not really the BMW badge that gets you excited all the time, but it's the thrill and exhilaration that the car gives you every time you fire up the ignition and put pedal to the metal.

Now, that's what we call "The Ultimate Driving Machine".

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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The BMW M5- Unsurpassed Quality And Performance

Car enthusiasts will often tell you of their undying loyalty to a particular car brand. And for many, that means a loyalty to what is considered to be a high-end luxury vehicle brand. The BMW, by far, reflects the continued support of the public for those cars that are considered to be luxury vehicles. And the BMW M5 is included in the superior product line that continues to be offered by BMW.

Originating in 1913 in Munich, Germany, The Bavarian Motor Works company (BMW), was operated by Karl Friedrich Rapp who desired to create superlative vehicles that would be unsurpassed in performance and quality. Rapp achieved his goals in creating the BMW - a brand that has held vast consumer appeal for over 95 years. As the industry changed and grew so did the design of the BMW, transforming itself to keep pace with the changing marketplace. The BMW M5 is simply another stage in the evolution of the BMW brand.

The BMW M5 is considered a high-performance luxury sedan and is, in fact, known to be the most powerful sedan in the world and the fastest accelerating BMW model to be built to date. It features a V-10 engine with five-liter capacity, 10 cylinders, 500 horsepower, and engine speeds of more than 8,000 rpm. The BMW M5 is one of the most high-quality vehicles on the road today; the car to which all other vehicles are compared.

The models of the BMW M5 include the E39, E34, and E28, as well as a number of unique models highly appointed with luxurious options. The BMW M5 carries with it a high price tag but how much you ultimately pay depends on the specific model that you purchase.

The BMW brand will undoubtedly continue to engage consumers for many generations to come as it expands its product line and consistently delivers high-end quality and unrivalled luxury through the BMW M5 and other models to come.

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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Exterior of the M5 Shows Its Powerful Performance

The BMW M5 possesses the performance of a sports car and a body sort of a sedan or a saloon. The E28 version of the M5, which was produced in 1985 up to 1988, was by hand built by motorsport technicians. It was considered as the quickest production sedan in the world. Both left hand and right hand drive versions of the M5 was provided together with north american Specs version and South African specs version.

The E34 version of the M5 was also entirely hand built by either a team or just one of M workers. The M5 also had a singular road wheel design that was branded as surprising by others. The wheels of the M5 also came up with bolted-on wheel covers which had 5 spoke amalgamate wheels under it. The wheel cover went into a revamp later after folk regarded it as having'white-wall' tires.

The E39 M5 on the other hand, wasn't built by hand anymore. During its release, competing brands also released vehicles with relatively stronger engine. The E93 version of the M5 had 3 updates before it ended production in 2003.

The E60 version of the M5 was introduced in 2005. It uses individual throttle bodies in each of its cylinder to dispose of the throttle plate. This version of the M5 which is still in continuous production makes use of a 7-speed semi automatic transmission and a stiffened aluminum chassis. A touring body kind of the M5 was released in 2007 and is still ceaselessly produced right now.

The exterior of the M5 shows its strong performance. From each detail like the chrome plated chrome steel exhaust and the bonnet which holds impressive curves. The inside of the M5 also guarantees comfort and elegance all in one with the use of opulent merino leather and a sports style multi function steering wheel. The instrument panels also seem to become illuminated with the red needles and white scales present.

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A Look Under the Hood at the BMW Parts That Transform a Car Into a Driving Machine

Known for its impressive engineering and dynamic performance, the BMW has made its mark on the automotive industry. There are specific characteristics that make a BMW one of a kind. These are standard BMW elements that cannot be found on other cars.

All BMW parts are made with precision and care, to ensure that its commitment to quality is unparalleled. BMW owners are proud of their purchase, and enjoy the unmatched craftsmanship for which BMW cars are famous.

Distinctive BMW Parts and Features

One of the most distinguishing BMW parts is the double kidney grilles. This stylish grille sets the BMW apart from other cars, giving it a handsome finish as it glides down the highway. The double kidney grilles also give the BMW optimal cooling, allowing air to reach the internal parts. This improves performance and reduces wear and tear on the interior parts.

Another one of the outstanding BMW parts is the four headlight setup. These provide optimal lighting no matter the driving terrain, as well as an eye catching display. It is readily apparent that when four headlights are coupled with double kidney grilles that a classic BMW is on the road.

Handling and Safety

There are additional BMW parts that are not as obvious to the naked eye that create the unique driving conditions that BMW cars are known best for. BMW engines are finely tuned to deliver smooth yet powerful handling under any conditions. Owners know that the BMW is more than a reliable vehicle - owning a BMW is a way of life.

BMW parts are also crafted with safety in mind. From the brakes to the air bags, BMW has always strived to give owners peace of mind while driving their vehicles. The entire structure of the BMW has been honed to deliver security and comfort, as well as a flawless ride. All BMW parts are made of the highest quality materials to appeal to an audience that demands quality over the lowest price.

Driver Responsiveness

Perhaps the most famous attribute of the BMW is its responsiveness to its driver. When operating a BMW, the separation between the driver and the road is blurred. Every direction the car is given is performed seamlessly, thanks to the careful construction of every part underneath the hood. The attention to detail and beauty of a BMW is difficult to match.

With the exceptional craftsmanship and marvelous performance, BMW cars are one of a kind. From the stylish parts on the outside of the car to the durable interior parts, every detail of the BMW is designed for the ultimate driving experience. Any owner of a BMW would not be disappointed with the quality and style of every part of this fine driving machine.

Owning a BMW is an exhilarating experience for any car connoisseur, as well as for the new car lover who is learning the meaning of an unmatchable driving experience for the first time.

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Monday, 5 April 2010

The Used BMW 5-Series is No Small Achievement

Since BMW started building cars after the second world war, they have never looked back. The Munich-based firm has made a solid statement in the auto world by being a leader in luxury vehicle brands. This claim to fame has spread worldwide to the extent that one would be hard-pressed not to find a BMW model anywhere on the four continents. BMW, as it is, labels itself "the ultimate driving machine" in its classy ads. This claim is not mere talk but can be backed by years of delivering solid quality and customer satisfaction. The German-originated luxury car maker churns out many different brands every year but our immediate interest is in the M5 or the Series 5.

Brand new Series 5 BMWs can run you around $45000 and come with an impressive array of features and add-ons. Other than the cars attractive appearance and aerodynamics which surpass most in its line of competitors, the BMW Series 5 also boasts state of the art engine technology and transmission that continue to deliver smooth and powerful movements in almost any terrain. While new BMWs are definitely still a hot ticket item, more people are being gravitated towards used models.

Used BMW Series 5 have continued their solid sales match since the M5 Series debuted. They are a great attraction to upper middle class professionals, businessmen and even celebrities who love the quiet engine and smooth transmission. The car's appearance also has a unisex appeal to it making it not too "girly" for the boys and not too "boyish" for the girls.

The M5 comes with a standard V8 six-cylinder 225 horse power engine. Newer sedans made after 2006 now boast up to 360 horse power. The new 530xi models come with all-wheel power for faster transport. The transmission also boasts new computer-aided guidance not to mention new-brand ABS brake system with anti-skid mechanism. The Series 5 is truly built to survive and thrive in any weather and any terrain.

The interior is also a marvel of sorts. Boasting standard custom leather and embroidery, the M5 comes with computer-controlled AC systems and temperature monitoring aids. Like its peers the Series 3 and Series 1, the Series 5 also comes equipped with the legendary Bose surround system. Additives can be a DVD Blue-Ray player with monitor and a build-in navigation system. Custom models also allow the user to request for XM satellite radio service to be preinstalled.

Certified used Series 5 BMWs have been quite an attraction in the recent times. This can partly be attributed to a strained economy where most people are tightening their spending. While the upper middle class to the wealthy hardly feel the pinch of the current credit crunch, the regular bargain hunters are more likely to go for the used brand rather than the new one.

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