Saturday, 29 May 2010

The BMW E34 version 5 Series – The Best 5 Series Ever?

The E34 5 Series was released by BMW in 1987 in Europe but didn't reach the American market until 1989, it had a massive change in appearance compared to its predecessor the E28. The E34 was a much more matured model in its style, comfort & performance by far, & in my opinion the E34 was & still is the best 5 series ever produced by BMW even though it ceased production in 1996. It is known as one of the strongest cars produced by BMW.

The E34 5 Series was a very popular model in its time & was a very strong competitor towards Mercedes, in fact it was the first strongest competitor since the second world war resulting in a total of 1,331,056 E34's produced throughout the globe. The most popular model of the E34 era was the 525i with a massive 434,549 produced (I still own one). The amazing design of this fantastic model was by Clause Luthe (Head Designer) & Ercole Spada.

The M5 E34 was produced between 1989 – 1995 & was completely built by hand in Garching, Germany. The earlier E34 M5's were built with the same engine as its predecessor the E28, the 3.5L engine produced 315bhp & could reach 0 - 60mph in 6.3 seconds. The later version of the E34 M5 had a different engine from 1991 onwards in Europe, it was a 3.8L producing 337bhp & was capable of reaching 0 – 60mph in an amazing 5.9 seconds. Unfortunately the 3.8L was not available in the market in South Africa & North America but with the 3.5L being just as fun who needed it?

Overall I love all the 5 Series versions but I believe that the E34 was the best BMW 5 Series ever produced in history!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

The BMW 5 Series Sedan - New Upcoming Series in the Month of June

BMW cars have always been an important symbol of class and fame that has regularly pulled the attention of car lovers from all across the world. In fact, since the launch of its first car model, every car has always received tremendous response and been constantly known for its superior performance and elegant design. Featured with world-class features and giving tough competition to other car manufactures, every car model of BMW series has made four-wheel lover crazy when it comes to choose or buy a BMW modeled car. This season, BMW is all geared up to introduce the brand new BMW 5 series Sedan in the Australian car market.

The new model is bigger and better and has got all those essential features that may drive you crazy. The new 5 Series is 58mm longer while its width is up 14mm (1464mm) and the wheelbase is 80mm longer at 2968mm. Its exterior look is totally dynamic and has the longest wheelbase in the BMW series segment, a sleek engine compartment lid, short overhangs front and rear and refined roofline. In fact, the most artistic look of this new series is its BMW kidney grille that is slightly inclined forward and on the prominently chiseled engine compartment lid. This provides the car with a classy and elegant side view that is beyond compare.

Talking in context of its interior, the dynamics and grace are represented in one flowing movement from the instrument panel to the door. The interior of the BMW 5 series Sedan has got the perfect look and incomparable style. All of the high-quality control elements are ergonomically positioned for a perfect fit. It has got the clear orientation in the cockpit that guarantees a strictly unique driving and travelling experience.

Moreover, the new 5 Series has also got new suspension architecture and a vast range of hi-tech options. In fact, the new Sedan series is making its debut in the auto market with one eight-cylinder and three six-cylinder petrol engines as well as two six-cylinder diesels. However, all of the engines have more power and torque. The High Precision Injection in the BMW 535i have the efficiency to deliver maximum output of 225 kW/306 hp. The two straight-six power units in the BMW 528i feature High Precision Injection that can develop output of 190 kW/258 hp.

Apart from this, talking in terms of its performance, the new BMW 5 Series Sedan will be available with a new eight-speed automatic transmission. The new generation BMW 5 series sedan also features an all-wheel drive optional, denoted by an "x" followed the numeric model name. It also has Park Distance Control and an around view monitor system, similar to Infiniti's Around View Monitor.

In addition, the new series has also got Active Roll Stabilisation, which will help in maintaining a level ride nearly under all driving conditions. And to complement this Active Roll Stabilisation, the car is also featured with Active Steering, which uses electronic steering to increase and improve the stability controls acting on the wheel brakes and power. This new model has a class of its own that one should not neglect.

For years, every BMW series car has been one of the most renowned luxurious car models worldwide. Now with the introduction of yet another new model you can anticipate even better performance. The introduction of this brand new BMW 5 series Sedan will open up the latest chapter in automotive industry. Without doubt, it is going to be a truly next impressive story of BMW success.

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What's New in 2010 BMW M5

All the 2010 BMW automobiles receive the latest version of iDrive with vivid improvement in exteriors and body structure. It is doubtless that M5 is one of the world's most capable super-sedans with the best of standard equipment. There are slew of latest options like soft-close automatic doors, keyless ignition/entry and the likes of them.

Interior Design and Special Features

The interiors of M5 are securely arranged with high quality materials with enough space for couple of adults to comfortably enjoy an all-day drive, which is justifiable for a car with such performance potential. The car comes with extra physical buttons around the control knob and a modified body style.

The 16-way adjustable front seats are marvelous and the optional M multifunction is touted to be best chairs for sale in terms of comfort, flexibility and support.


This automobile's marvelous V10, flexible ride and lofty seats and a pleasant iDrive systems are an eye-feast to the customers.


The dreary steering wheel, obsolete gearbox, and gob smacked manual transmission are the major downsides of the 2010 BMW M5.


All in all, the 2010 BMW M5 will continue to be one of the hallmarks of the BMW automotive line-up, and this powerhouse sedan will continue to be unparalleled in terms of engine and performance, though transmission is expected to be its biggest concern.

The company has unveiled many latest BMW M5 Car Pictures, but the final design still looks like a big secret, as its front fascia is expected to undergo few changes.

Here's an online gallery featuring hundreds of amazing BMW Car Wallpapers

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Friday, 21 May 2010

The E28 Version of the BMW 5 Series

The E28 was introduced to Europe in 1981 & was the second generation of the BMW 5 Series designed by Claus Luthe & built in Munich, Germany. The E28 was the replacement for the earlier E12 version 5 Series that had been around since 1972. Even though the newer E28 looked very similar to the E12 it did feature a few modifications such as more choices of engine size, a few style updates & it was lower for more stability on the road.

The E28 had a lot more to offer than its predecessor the E12 version of the 5 Series, BMW gave the option of more engine sizes such as the 518, 518i, 520i, 524d, 524td, 525i, 525e, 528i, 535i, M535i & the first M5 that the world seen. The E28 BMW M5 was launched in 1985 & was exclusive to an Amsterdam motor show where it was first exposed. The M5 had the S28 3.5L fuel injected engine & produced an amazing 286 bhp which enabled it to reach 0-60 mph in an astonishing 6.2 seconds, however the American emission regulations enforced the M5 to be built with a catalytic converter for the American market which unfortunately decreased the M5's power by 30 bhp resulting in it only able to produce 256 bhp instead of its 286 bhp it was capable of.

The North American version of the E28 came well equipped with electric power windows, central locking, air conditioning, electric power sunroof, cruise control, alloy wheels & fog lights, all these features were fitted to the E28 5 Series as standard, however the M5 had all these features plus leather interiors & an on board computer (OBC). The E28 5 Series was around until 1987 when its successor the more matured E34 version was released, although the E28 was still sold as a new car in the American market until late 1988 as the E34 was not available in America until early 1989.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The E12 Version Of The BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series first made an appearance in 1972 when it was manufactured in Munich & Dingolfing, Germany & was given the code name E12. The 5 Series was designed to replace the 'Neue Klasse' (new class) mid-sized sedan and was named the 5 Series because it was BMW's fifth new class platform to be designed.

Although the E12 version of the 5 Series was released in 1972 in Munich it still was not available for the American market until 1975. The later models of the E12 produced for the American market were built for luxury and contained other features such as leather interiors, wood trim, electric power windows & even air conditioning.

The E12 5 Series was manufactured at the BMW plant in Munich until 1981 but due to the high demand for the E12 in the South African market the 5 Series was exported to Rosslyn, South Africa in a kit form to be assembled at the BMW plant there too. Manufacturing the E12 5 Series continued in Rosslyn until 1984, although the rest of the world had already been exposed to the newer E28 version of the 5 Series which became available in 1981.

There were many available models of the E12 5 Series, these included the 518i, 520i, 520, 525, 528i, 530i & the M535i which totalled to 722,435 E12 models that were produced across the world between 1972 - 1984. The M535i was produced in 1979, it had the 3.5L M30 in-line six cylinder engine that produced 218bhp, it was the only official BMW Motor-sport designed E12 model of the 5 Series.