Saturday, 29 May 2010

The BMW E34 version 5 Series – The Best 5 Series Ever?

The E34 5 Series was released by BMW in 1987 in Europe but didn't reach the American market until 1989, it had a massive change in appearance compared to its predecessor the E28. The E34 was a much more matured model in its style, comfort & performance by far, & in my opinion the E34 was & still is the best 5 series ever produced by BMW even though it ceased production in 1996. It is known as one of the strongest cars produced by BMW.

The E34 5 Series was a very popular model in its time & was a very strong competitor towards Mercedes, in fact it was the first strongest competitor since the second world war resulting in a total of 1,331,056 E34's produced throughout the globe. The most popular model of the E34 era was the 525i with a massive 434,549 produced (I still own one). The amazing design of this fantastic model was by Clause Luthe (Head Designer) & Ercole Spada.

The M5 E34 was produced between 1989 – 1995 & was completely built by hand in Garching, Germany. The earlier E34 M5's were built with the same engine as its predecessor the E28, the 3.5L engine produced 315bhp & could reach 0 - 60mph in 6.3 seconds. The later version of the E34 M5 had a different engine from 1991 onwards in Europe, it was a 3.8L producing 337bhp & was capable of reaching 0 – 60mph in an amazing 5.9 seconds. Unfortunately the 3.8L was not available in the market in South Africa & North America but with the 3.5L being just as fun who needed it?

Overall I love all the 5 Series versions but I believe that the E34 was the best BMW 5 Series ever produced in history!

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