Monday, 5 April 2010

The Used BMW 5-Series is No Small Achievement

Since BMW started building cars after the second world war, they have never looked back. The Munich-based firm has made a solid statement in the auto world by being a leader in luxury vehicle brands. This claim to fame has spread worldwide to the extent that one would be hard-pressed not to find a BMW model anywhere on the four continents. BMW, as it is, labels itself "the ultimate driving machine" in its classy ads. This claim is not mere talk but can be backed by years of delivering solid quality and customer satisfaction. The German-originated luxury car maker churns out many different brands every year but our immediate interest is in the M5 or the Series 5.

Brand new Series 5 BMWs can run you around $45000 and come with an impressive array of features and add-ons. Other than the cars attractive appearance and aerodynamics which surpass most in its line of competitors, the BMW Series 5 also boasts state of the art engine technology and transmission that continue to deliver smooth and powerful movements in almost any terrain. While new BMWs are definitely still a hot ticket item, more people are being gravitated towards used models.

Used BMW Series 5 have continued their solid sales match since the M5 Series debuted. They are a great attraction to upper middle class professionals, businessmen and even celebrities who love the quiet engine and smooth transmission. The car's appearance also has a unisex appeal to it making it not too "girly" for the boys and not too "boyish" for the girls.

The M5 comes with a standard V8 six-cylinder 225 horse power engine. Newer sedans made after 2006 now boast up to 360 horse power. The new 530xi models come with all-wheel power for faster transport. The transmission also boasts new computer-aided guidance not to mention new-brand ABS brake system with anti-skid mechanism. The Series 5 is truly built to survive and thrive in any weather and any terrain.

The interior is also a marvel of sorts. Boasting standard custom leather and embroidery, the M5 comes with computer-controlled AC systems and temperature monitoring aids. Like its peers the Series 3 and Series 1, the Series 5 also comes equipped with the legendary Bose surround system. Additives can be a DVD Blue-Ray player with monitor and a build-in navigation system. Custom models also allow the user to request for XM satellite radio service to be preinstalled.

Certified used Series 5 BMWs have been quite an attraction in the recent times. This can partly be attributed to a strained economy where most people are tightening their spending. While the upper middle class to the wealthy hardly feel the pinch of the current credit crunch, the regular bargain hunters are more likely to go for the used brand rather than the new one.

A great place to commence your search for the used BMW Series 5 is online. A simple Google entry will reveal lots of sources, from car dealerships to individuals and wholesalers who can procure the ultimate driving machine for anyone with the pocket. EBay motors is another excellent source.

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