Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New BMW 5 Series

According to BMW, the new BMW 5 series brings life to the phrase "joy is dynamic in its most beautiful form: the new BMW 5 Series sedan". The car has also been referred to as fantastic, "an exploration of beauty" and incredible.

The BMW 5 series has always been the car that comes to mind when people think of luxury cars in the executive saloon class. And this little car is about more than just luxury. In fact, it's the most important car on the BMW line. The car was first introduced to the BMW lineup in 2004 and has become increasingly important to the car company ever since.

But luxury is exactly what this car is. And with the new BMW 5 series coming out in 2010, it's not important to only test drive one around the lot, but to test drive it at home with a leasing option. When you're in the market for a BMW, the cheapest option is always to lease, to avoid getting stuck for too long with a top heavy car payment that you can't hope to take care of each month. For business owners and salespeople, contract hire is the way to go when you're looking into BMWs. The new BMW 5 series is an excellent car to drive when you're attempting to impress clients whether you're picking them up for lunch or just parking in their lot and pointing to your car out the window. But what's more impressive is owning your new BMW 5 series the right way-contract hire will not only help you avoid a costly purchase for luxury but will also allow the option to upgrade when newer models appear on the market, like this year, with the unveiling of the 2011 5 series.

Critics consistently say that a new BMW 5 series will not be able to top the previous version, but according to reviews of the car found far and wide across the internet, BMW consistently tops the marker for a car that meets and beats the technological threshold for automobile manufacturing and is still able to maintain a sleek, sexy look for their vehicles.

While the E60 BMW had a look and a style that drive customers away, the look and feel of the new BMW 5 series is much more appealing to both the high class and middle class consumer, giving all consumers something to look forward to when they get behind the wheel of this car.

Unlike previous 5 series, the new BMW 5 series is built off of an entirely new chassis, so its exterior has little in common with the previous models. Like the new x5, the new 5 series features a double wishbone in front and the new model also comes equipped with Flex-Ray protocol, shock absorbers and active steering to provide drivers with the most pleasurable on-road experience possible.

The new BMW 5 series comes packed with programmable buttons and now features 8-speed automatic transmission, making it a top contender in the fight against Lexus for the top notch spot of best luxury car on the market.

Like all BMWs, the new BMW 5 series not only comes packed with buttons and other nifty features, but also has all of the bells and whistles you would expect from the newest thing on the BMW lineup. You can choose from leather or fabric seats, a variety of "luxury" colors-just don't ask for it in black and white-and you can even choose how deep and what color to get your windows tinted, depending on the dealer.

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